Singapore Botanic Gardens-Location, Top things, A Complete Travel Guide

Singapore Botanic Gardens-Location, Top things, A Complete Travel Guide

Singapore Botanic Gardens is the most popular visited garden in the world. It is 160-year-old tropical garden located off Orchard Road in Singapore. It is one of three gardens, and the only tropical garden, to be privileged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Gardens display of botanical and horticultural attractions. Complementing these unique resources are responsive development and amusement events providing visitors educational and recreational services amidst the wonder of scenery.

The beauty of Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Garden is a peaceful and aesthetic botanic garden. Who doesn’t love plants? There are about 10000 such well-equipped plants that will give you a thrilling atmosphere. At the heart of the busiest city, the vast fields of this garden are a great place for friends, family or honeymooners.

This is the ideal place for a pleasant picnic. Moreover, it is a teachable garden. You will get to know many plants along the way. So once you get to Singapore Botanic Gardens, let life flourish.

Location of Singapore Botanic Gardens

You can easily visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is located along the outskirts of Singapore’s main shopping center. Actual Address: 1 Cluny Road, Tanglin, Singapore-259569.You can get a taxi or rental car service from anywhere in the city to reach the Botanical Garden.

The Garden is flanked by Holland Road and Napier Road toward the south, Cluny Road toward the east, Tyersall Avenue and Cluny Park Road toward the west and Bukit Timah Road toward the north. The direct separation between the northern and southern finishes is around 2.5 km (1.6 mi). There are various doors at various zones of the nurseries, however, the Tanglin Gate confronting Holland Road in the south is the excellent passageway.

Top Attraction of Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens is a national landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Botanic Garden. All the fascinating plants, flowers of different species, animals, lakes, museums will make your travel life unforgettable.

National Orchid Garden

The National Orchid Garden is the fundamental fascination inside the Botanic Gardens. Situated on the mid-western side of the Garden, the bumpy three-hectare site has a gathering of in excess of 1,000 species and 2,000 half and halves of orchids.

Inside the Orchid Garden, there are various attractions, for example, the accompanying –

Burkill Hall: Burkill Hall is a frontier ranch home worked in 1886. It used to be the executive’s home and was named to pay tribute to the main dad and child pair to hold the post of Director of Singapore Botanic Gardens, Isaac and Humphrey Burkill. The ground level fills in as a display zone, exhibiting data on the various half breeds named after VIPs who have visited the nursery.

VIP Orchid Garden: situated at the back of Burkill Hall, shows half breeds of the most prevalent VIP orchids. Outstanding ones incorporate Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana, Dendrobium Margaret Thatcher, Renantanda Akihito, Dendrobium Masako Kotaishi Hidenka, Dendrobium Elizabeth and Vanda Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. In excess of 100 big names, dignitaries and visiting heads of states have been respected by Singapore’s orchid discretion program.

Orchidarium: An asylum for genuine orchids fans, the Orchidarium houses regular species in a tropical setting.

Tan Hoon Siang Malthouse: Tan Hoon Siang was a relative of Tan Tock Seng, who was a humanitarian and originator of the Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The mist house contains a vivid gathering of various crossbreeds. It likewise has a little accumulation of fragrant orchids like Vanda Mimi Palmer.

Woman Yuen-Peng McNeice Bromeliad House: Named out of appreciation for its support, the Bromeliad House features plants from the Bromeliaceae family, which incorporates the pineapple. The interesting gathering of bromeliads in plain view was obtained from Shelldance Nursery in the United States in 1994.

Coolhouse: The Coolhouse attempts to reproduce the earth of a tropical good country woods and features orchids that are ordinarily just found in the tropical high country zones.


The Singapore Botanic Gardens has a little tropical rainforest of around six hectares in size, which is more established than the nurseries itself. The rainforest and its greater cousin at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are situated inside Singapore’s city limits. Singapore is one of the main two noteworthy urban areas with a tropical rainforest inside its city restricts, the other being Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro.

Ginger Garden

Ginger Garden is situated by the National Orchid Garden; this one-hectare nursery unites individuals from the Zingiberaceae family. The nursery houses a café called the Halia Restaurant. There is additionally a drop-off point along Tyersall Avenue just as a cascade. The nursery was authoritatively opened in 2003 and it assumed control over the spot abandoned by the past Orchid Enclosure.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden was named after its fundamental contributor Jacob Ballas, a Jewish-Singaporean altruist who kicked the bucket in 2004.

Worked at an expense of S$7 million (of which $99 million was given by the Jacob Ballas Trust and patrons), it is situated at the calmer northern part of the arrangement Gardens. It has its very own guest focus with a bistro. It opened on Children’s Day, 1 October 2007. The National Parks Board claims it is Asia’s first kids’ nursery. There are play zones like the Water Play region, a little play area, tree-houses with slides, and a labyrinth. There are additionally intuitive displays that train how photosynthesis happens, and a smaller than usual nursery that exhibits how plants might be utilized to make colors, drinks or as herbs.

At the Children’s Garden Visitor Center there is a figure by the Israeli craftsman Zadok Ben-David. Named Mystree, it was dispatched by the Yad Vashem exhibition hall in 2010. From a separation, the model resembles a tree yet a closer assessment uncovers 500 human figures.

In spite of the fact that it is viewed as a feature of the Botanic Gardens, the Children’s Garden has its own passageway along Bukit Timah Road existing as a different nook.

Botany Centre and Tanglin Gate

The two new squares of workplaces and homeroom in the updated Tanglin Core region are known as the Botany Center. They house the:

  • Library of Botany and Horticulture (counting the Public Reference Center);
  • the Singapore Herbarium (International abbreviation: Herb. SING), lodging 750,000 specimens;
  • Orchid Breeding and Micropropagation; and
  • instruction effort and workshop study halls.

One of the more current attractions is the Saraca Stream in the Tanglin Core territory

The hallways and walkways of the Botany Center are secured by leaf engraves. There are likewise various wooden carvings spread around the grounds and greenery secured vertical dividers.

The Green Pavilion is the main “green rooftop” in Singapore. Weed and grass-like plants completely spread the pitched rooftop. It houses the guest administrations work area just as a bistro called Food For Thought in the cellar.

The workplaces of previous executives, in particular Holttum Hall (after Eric Holttum, Director of the Gardens from 1925 to 1949) and Ridley Hall (after Henry Nicholas Ridley, first chief of Gardens from 1888 to 1911) were protected and now known as the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Heritage Museum and Ridley Hall (a capacity space).

Other attractions

Tropical plants line the bank of the Saraca Stream as it wanders its way down a little slope. The principal features of the stream walk are the Yellow Saraca trees (Saraca cauliflora) and Red (Saraca declinata). Different attractions incorporate the Palm Valley, Bandstand region, Sun Garden and Sundial Garden.

The Botanic Gardens has three lakes, to be specific Symphony Lake, Swan Lake, and Eco-Lake. The Shaw organization Symphony Stage on Symphony Lake sometimes has free shows on ends of the week. Eminent entertainers incorporate the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Singapore Chinese Orchestra. On 10 October 2008, a statue of the author Frédéric Chopin was revealed only south of Symphony Lake.

The home office of the National Parks Board is situated inside the grounds of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Diners inside the nursery incorporate the one-Michelin-featured Corner House, an easygoing top-notch eatery in a provincial cabin; Casa Verde, a bistro at the Visitor Center; and Halia Restaurant, a café at the Ginger Garden. There are additionally blessing shops for guests. Singapore’s national office in biodiversity-related issues, the National Biodiversity Center, is likewise situated inside the grounds of the nurseries.

Where to stay visit in Singapore Botanic Gardens

To enjoy the full beauty of Singapore Botanic Gardens, you must first choose the best hotel. There are many advanced quality hotels in Singapore Botanic Gardens. They provide all the facilities you need (such as Wi-Fi, gym, fitness center, etc). Some hotel names are mentioned for you. You can check hotel details online and make a booking.

Best hotels near

  • Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
  • Treetops Executive Residences
  • Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
  • The St. Regis Singapore
  • Regent Singapore
  • 8 on Claymore Serviced Residences
  • Hilton Garden Inn Singapore Serangoon
  • Hotel G Singapore
  • M Social Singapore
  • Mandarin Orchard Singapore
  • Le Grove Serviced Residences
  • Alocasia Serviced Apartments
  • 2br Suite @ Orchard
  • 2br Orchard Suite
  • Royal Plaza on Scotts
  • Winsland Serviced Suites by Lanson Place
  • Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore by Shangri-La
  • Grand Hyatt Singapore
  • Fraser Residence Orchard Singapore
  • Bees Knees

Healthy food ideas

There are many best quality restaurants for tourists around Singapore Botanic Gardens. Various restaurants have been set up for travelers from different countries. They prepare their own traditional food. Moreover, there is a Singaporean meal. You can choose the restaurant by looking at the food menu to enjoy the food you love. Here are some food and restaurant names.

List of Best foods

  • Laksa
  • Singaporean chefs
  • Chicken Rice
  • Grilled beef
  • Chicken skewers
  • The dum biryani (an Indian spiced rice dish with meat or vegetables)
  • Indian rojak (mixed fritters of dough, potato, and shrimp)
  • Wanton mee (egg noodles with dumplings)
  • Chwee kueh
  • Roasted pork buns
  • Coffee
  • Nasi Lemak
  • Sup kambing (mutton soup)
  • Mee Pok (flat egg noodles served with fish balls and minced meat)
  • Baked bread
  • Ramen

Best Restaurants near Singapore Botanic Gardens

  • Delifrance Cafe
  • Yakun Gleneagles Family Cafe
  • Flams
  • The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Jim Thompson
  • Open Farm Community
  • Manhattan
  • Origin Grill
  • Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
  • Waterfall Ristorante Italiano
  • Tea Lounge at Regent Singapore
  • The White Rabbit
  • Tiong Bahru Bakery
  • Corner House
  • Basilico
  • Summer Palace
  • Yan Ting
  • Nassim Hill Bakery
  • Samy’s Curry
  • Brasserie Les Saveurs
  • The Line
  • The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar
  • New Rasa Singapura
  • The Lobby Lounge
  • Shang Palace
  • Blu Kouzina
  • Thai Kha
  • The Rose Veranda
  • Candlenut

Visitor Services

Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Services staff are on obligation from 8.00 am – 5.30 pm day by day at possessing different administration work areas to deal with inquiries you may have on the Gardens.

There are 5 Service Desk situated all through the Gardens.

  • Level 1, Botany Center, Tanglin Entrance
  • Visitor Center, Nassim Entrance
  • Learning Forest, Tyersall Entrance
  • Bukit Timah Entrance
  • Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

At the Visitor Services Desk, give a variety of administrations :

  • Visitor Information
  • Maps
  • Feedback
  • Lost and Found
  • First Aid
  • Handling of Emergencies
  • Wheelchair credit
  • Lockers accessible at (Tanglin Entrance, Nassim Entrance, and Melati Gate)

Don’t Permission

  • Try not to set up tents or furniture, nor deter any way or guest get to.
  • Try not to sell or endeavor to sell any article or administration or generally lead the business, except if earlier endorsement has been acquired.
  • Asylums will not be utilized solely for private occasions, social affairs or exercise.

Educational Programs online

The Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG) is offering chances to come and complete momentary investigation visits with claim staff to investigate research work, green work, botanic nurseries the executives, instructive effort and guest the board. This unique program is offered to botanists, taxonomists, tertiary-level understudies, and expert staff working in botanic nurseries, herbaria, arboreta/timberland divisions, and instructive establishments. The program is profoundly aggressive as there is a constrained admission for each year. It welcomes you to exploit the chances and offices offer by participating in the program.

The Educational Programs at The Singapore Botanic Gardens

The reason for the Study Visit/Educational Program is to give partners from botanic nurseries and tertiary understudies from instructive organizations with an extraordinary chance to trade data and specialized skill and use our incredible accumulations and offices in a connected setting.

The examination visit/trade program is, for the most part, provided food for periods running from about fourteen days to one month. The program is adaptable and individualized by the interests of the member and accessibility of staff time. Objectives and needs are created by the member in participation with the Deputy Director of Library, Training and External Relations.

Members will be appended in the Gardens with associates as friend experts in a shared trade of data and aptitude. Close contact with staff empowers the greatest development for everybody included. Corresponding staff trades between the Gardens and different organizations are supported; yet not obligatory. Members are welcome all year however subject to accessibility of assets at SBG and admission standard.

The Gardens offers experts a wide range of claims to fame from which to pick including:

  • A taxonomy that involves using the Herbarium and Library accumulations for research work
  • Herbarium the board and curation
  • Micropropagation and Molecular Laboratory that involves using tissue culture offices for spread tasks and hereditary lab gear for ordered and additionally populace considers
  • Horticulture the board
  • Arboriculture the board
  • Curation of particular living plant accumulations – for example, Orchidaceae, Palmae (Arecaceae) and Zingiberaceae
  • National Orchid Garden Display and Landscape the executives
  • National Orchid Garden Nursery the executives and orchid reproducing a program
  • General Nursery the executives
  • Jacob Ballas Children Garden’s ground the executives
  • The Singapore Garden Festival set-up in the center of even-numbered years
  • Education – grown-up and youth programs – ecological and effort programs – proficient speaker arrangement – visits
  • Visitor Services Management
  • Volunteer Program and Management

The Program provides the members with an introduction to materials, methods, structures, and ways of thinking from different associations and makes way for future agreeable endeavors. Members come back with new perspectives, crisp thoughts, and specialized data.

Stipend & Accommodation

Taking interest organizations or people are urged to cover their very own stipend during the time of connection to the Gardens. Every foundation sending staff/understudies or individual experts are in charge of taking care of every single fundamental expense brought about, for example, flights, transport, protection inclusion, and visa applications, while joined in Singapore.

Fruitful members might be given complimentary convenience subject to accessibility. The Gardens does not mastermind lodging for members who bring their families.

Report Submission

All examination study guests are required to present a report on their visit inside 3 months of leaving from Singapore. For different members, they are required to present the reports of their involvement in Singapore Botanic Gardens inside multi-month of leaving from Singapore.

Application Criteria

Candidates must have a decent order of the English Language (both oral and composed).

  • Applicants must be a present worker of a botanic nursery, arboretum, timberland office, park, historical center, zoo, or related foundation, or a present understudy in a perceived college.


  • Applicants must be an alumni understudy or in a higher degree/certificate program in Horticulture/Botany/Science at perceived colleges or preparing the foundation, or have a Ph.D. or proportional in Botany or Science

Application Procedure

Candidates are approached to present the accompanying:

  • a resume or educational plan vitae,
  • letter of help from their establishment,
  • name and contact data of an arbitrator or chief
  • a proposition sketching out what they might want to learn or achieve inside this program and the territories they wish to be appended in the Gardens

All applications (just as a solicitation for help whenever required) must be submitted by means of email to:

Dr. Nura Abdul Karim Deputy Director/ Library, Training & External Relations


Ms. Serena Lee Senior Manager/ Herbarium

Conclusion & Invite

I visited Singapore Botanic Gardens last December 2018. I would like to say in light of my practical experience visit the Singapore Botanic Garden once more. Expand the scope of education and knowledge. All the charming flowers, orchid gardens, lakes, rain forest, ginger gardens, museums, etc. will make you thrilled. But Singapore Botanic Gardens is spread over many areas, so be sure to take a water leak when visiting.

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